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Live at The Hedges
February 7, 1976

Scott Boyer - Vocals, Guitar
Chip Condon - Vocals, Keyboards
David Aaron - Vocals, Guitar
David Brown - Vocals, Bass
Moi Harris - Drums

My Dear Friend
Feelin' Free
Slowly In The West
Born In The Country
Use Your Situation
This Long Ride
Throwing Up In Mexico
For The Feel Of It
Except For Real
Woman Is The Wonder Of The World
Baby, You Know I'm Calling
Slippin' And Slidin'
It's Time
What's Up
Walkin' Blues
You Know What To Do

David Aaron Band

David Aaron- Guitar, Vocals
Davis Causey- Guitar
Joe Barnes- Keyboards
Cleon Nalley- Bass, Vocals
Moi Harris- Drums

For All The Right Reasons, Alabama Calling, Six Days On The Road, Watch Out, You Better Move On, Street Corner Talking, Please Call Home, Nobody But You, Rip It Up, Please Don't Tell Be How The Story Ends, Hold It (Break Song), Davis's Jive, Sissy Strut, Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down, Working Man Blues, You Never Even Called Me By My Name, Don't You Be No Fool- Gonna Mess Up A Good Thing, Willing, Up On Cripple Creek.

The Accents

Tom Fish- Vocals
Doug Hamilton- Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Jasper Turner- Keyboards
Stan Newby- Guitar
Tommy Bryant- Drums

Moonlight Feels Right, Feelings, That's Where The Music Takes Me, He Don't Love You, My Love, Domino, Let 'Em In/Silly Love Songs, Katmandu, Rub It In


Larry Acquaviva- Drums, Percussion, Vocals
George Davidson- Saxophones, Vocals
Maggie Hunter- Vocals on "Over The Rainbow"

Poly-Toon Suite

The Goat Herd, Factory Work, Sorcerer's Brooms, Elephant Under Analysis

The Athens Demos

Demo recordings from three Athens related bands. Goose Creek featured either Harold Williams or Randall Bramblett on saxophone. Then we have four demos by Randall Bramblett. We close this disc out with Cooder Brown featuring Cleon Nalley, Davis Causey and Moi Harris.

Goose Creek
Cindy Cindy, Mary, Tulsa Turnaround
Randall Bramblett
Too Many Irons, There's A Painting On The Wall, Only Lonely, Back To The Beginning

Cooder Brown

It's Been 100 Years, It'll Be Her, Look Over Yonder, Out Of My Mind, Unconditional Surrender, Love Me Like You Never Will Again, Matthew Mark & Paul, We Got The Devil On The Run, Atlanta's Burning Down.

The Athens Jam

The Hedges put on a huge jam session in late 1975 or early 1976. This volume includes: Davis Causey, David Aaron, Cleon Nalley, Jerry Ross, John Straw, Clarence Young, Cal Hale, Moi Harris, Chip Condon and others.

Volume One

Just Got Back From Texas, Nadine, Lord Have Mercy On Me, She's fine, Turn That Handle, That'll Be Alright, Hard Luck Story, Six Days On The Road, Without You, When The Morning Comes, Not Fade Away, Working On The Chain Gang, Walkin' Blues, Mary, Tell Me Baby Why You Been Gone So Long, The Thrill Is Gone/Sissy Strut.

The Athens Rogues

The Athens Rogues were a great garage band from 1968 that played parties and dances around Athens.

Ain't Gonna Hurt No More (mix 2), She Could Love Me (mix 1), Groovin', Last Night, Ain't Gonna Hurt No More (mix 1), Little Old Man, It's Not Unusual/Hold On I'm Coming, Honkin 2, Sally Sally From Tin Pan Alley, She Could Love Me (mix 2), Funny Little Thing.

Joe Barnes

Joe has been a big part of the Athens music scene since the 1970's. Joe gave us this disc to release without giving us song titles.

The Bluesicians
Jay Smith- Guitar
Cal Hale- Drums
Don Allgood- Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Kautz- Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
John Straw- Fender Bass
Tim White- Keyboards
Gary Braddock- Saxophones

Live From Kalamazoo In "82"

One More Mile, Buzzard Luck, Badley Bent, Gonzo's Revenge, The Danger Zone, Messin' With The Kid, Living On The Highway, Boppin' With The Blues.

The Zambo Flirts

Conner Tribble - Guitar, Vocals
Owen Scott - Guitar, Vocals
David Stammer - Bass
Jim "Red" Lord - Drums

1.Monkey Man
2.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
3.Waiting For The Man
4.Things We Said Today
5.Blue Suede Shoes
6.Johnny B. Goode
7.Too Much Monkey Business
8.Jumping Jack Flash

Recorded live at some apartment complex club house in Athens, GA

The Boto Teen

Connor Tribble- Guitar, Vocals
David Stammer- Bass
Joe Barnes- Keyboards

The Unreleased Album

Ugh, Pay Up, Sing Me My Thing, West Wing, The Boto Teen Theme>Look Into The Night>Cut Rate, I Love You Baby Give Me A Kiss>Bone Pull, Save Back Off My Night, What's Happening Betty?,The Freak Fun Has Left Me, He's Thinking, Boganda.

The Randall Bramblett Band

Randall Bramblett- Horns, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Davis Causey- Guitar
Arch Pearson- Bass
Chip Miller- Drums
Joyce Bramblett- Vocals

Live At The Hedges 1976

No Stone Unturned, I'm Callin', Cathode Ray, Instrumental, Drifting Into A Woman's Arms, Living In A Dream.

The Last Resort 1976

I'm Calling, The Coastal Plane, You Can't Shit The Shitter, That Other Mile, No Stone Unturned, Cathode Ray, Keep On Going, Instrumental, Living In A Dream/Everybody's Got It On The Inside

Live At The I&I

Randall Bramblett- Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophones
Davis Causey- Lead Guitar, Vocals
Arch Pearson- Bass, Vocals
Bobby Pritchett- Drums, Vocals
Steve McRae- Vocals, Synthesizer, Organ

Guest Musicians

Cal Hale- Drums
Billy Causey- Trombone on "Josephine"
Billy Lindsey- Percussion

Light Of The Night, Fire In The Celler, Witness For Love, Cathode Ray, Same Road, Josephine
Cat Daddy

Living In A Jungle

Spock Must Die, Lion Of Judea, No Habla Espanol, World Prayer, Micro Chips, He Be Gee Bee FBI, Road Stew, Living In The Jungle, Baby Knows, Taint It Funky, Dinky Talk, Man's Best Friend, Habeline Home.

Cat Music

Bob Jones- Vocals
David Aaron- Guitar, Vocals
Davis Causey- Guitar
Chip Condon- Keyboards
Cleon Nalley- Bass, Vocals
Moi Harris- Drums

Live At The Hedges Volume One

Ramblin' Man, Rapid Flame, The Thrill Is Gone, Why You Been Gone So Long, Bloody Mary Morning, Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends, Saint George, Wanna Run, Brown Eyed Girl, All Shook Up, Forgotten Flowers, It's All Gone, Would You Like The Number You Can Call, Not Fade Away, Watch Out.

Live At The Hedges Volume Two

Turn That Handle, W.S. Walcott's Medicine Show, My Master's Gone, 40 Days And 40 Nights, Keep On Goin', Can't Judge A Book By Looking At It's Cover, Walkin' Blues, Iko Iko, Highway 61 Revisited/Let It Bleed, Only Lonely.


Scott Boyer- Guitar, Vocals
Chip Condon- Keyboards, Vocals
David Aaron- Guitar, Vocals
David Brown- Bass, Vocals
Bill Pound- Flute, Guitar
Moi Harris- Drums

The Hedges

My Dear Friend, Rutabagas, Feelin' Free, Slowly In The West, Born In The Country, Use Your Situation, This Long Ride, Throwing Up In Mexico, Simplicity, For The Feel Of It, Except For Real, Woman Is The Wonder Of The World, Baby You Know I'm Calling, Slippin' And Slidin', It's Time, What's Up, Walkin' Blues, You Know What To Do.

Dixie Grease

Terry Melton- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Brian Burke- Guitar, Vocals
Don Allgood- Keyboard, Vocals
Jay Smith- Guitar
Greg Veale- Bass
Cal Hale- Drums

Live At The Hedges 1975

Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover, My Back Was Up Against The Wall, Key To The Highway, Walking Blues, (I Know) You Don't Want Me No More, Before You Accuse Me, Tonight She Belongs To Me, T For Texas, Dead Flowers, Down And Out, Roll Over Beethoven / Wang Dang Doodle, All Shook Up.

Last Show The Hedges 1975

Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover, Key To The Highway, Walking Blues, (I Know) You Don't Want Me No More, Before You Accuse Me, Tonight She Belongs To Me, T For Texas, Only Lonely, Dead Flowers, Roll Over Beethoven / Wang Dang Doodle, All Shook Up, Sympathy For The Devil.

Reunion Show Georgia Theatre 1978

Wang Dang Doodle, On Down The Line, Going To Louisiana, Room To Room, All Shook Up, Key To The Highway, T.B. Blues, Runaway, Follow You Down, Willie And The Hand Jive.


Elizabeth- Guitar, Vocals
Davis Causey- Guitar
Cleon Nalley- Bass

The Original Last resort Volume One

I'm Gonna Sing About, Standing In Your Life, Road Signs, Deep In The Dungeon, Big Yellow Taxi, Blackbird, Black Cat, Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw, Some Of It's Mine, Lord Lift Me Up.

The Original Last resort Volume Two

Don't Think Twice It's Alright, I'm Lousy At leaving, I Been To Georgia On A Fat Train, Out Of The darkness, Back In The Bars Again, Dutchman, Everybody's Got It On The Inside, Standing In Your Life, The Star Song, I Have No Place Else To Go, Amazing Grace/Will The Circle Be Unbroken.

Elmo Pruitt

Don Allgood- Keyboards, Mouth Trumpet, Vocals
Clarence Young- Melodica, Vocals
Jay Smith- Guitar
Carl Vipperman- Guitar
Greg Veale- Bass, Vocals
Cal Hale- Drums

Don Allgood/Elmo Pruitt Catch As Catch Can

Living On The Highway Now, Somebody Else Is Shakin' Your Tree, Room To Room, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Done A Lot Of Wrong Things In My Life, Oh Well, Way Down Yonder, Turn On Your Lovelight, Ain't No Sunshine, Badly Bent, I Love My Whiskey, Sail On/Long Distance Call, Willie And The Hand Jive, Rescue Me, Fire And Water.

Elmo Pruitt / EQT The Hedges

Atlanta band Eric Quincy Tate was in the audience of this New Year's Eve show at The Hedges and took the stage for a few of their songs.

Shout Bama Lama, Only Lonely, Living For The City, Runnin' 'Round In Normaltown.

EQT was:

Tommy "Bear" Carlisle- Guitar, Vocals
Joe Rogers- Keyboards
David Cantonwine- Bass
Donnie McCormick- Drums, Vocals

Honky Tonk Man, The Bream Are Still Biting In Ferriday, Ain't It A Bummer

Flyte Tyme

Flyte Tyme features long-time Athenian, Dennis White. This CD was recorded in Mobile, AL in 2007.

Can't Get Enough Of That Funky Stuff, Ladies Night/Jungle Boogie, Can You Stop The Rain, Play That Funky Music White Boy/Brick House/She's A Bad Mama Jama, Early In The Morning, Can I Change My Name, I Need You By My Side.

Terry Melton & The Laughing Disaster

Terry Melton- Guitar, Vocals
Randall Bramblett- Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Brian Burke- Guitar, Vocals
Davis Causey- Guitar
Cleon Nalley- Bass, Vocals
Moi Harris- Drums

Can The Band Get Another Tray Of Beer? Vol. One

Someday Baby, Matchbox, Six Days On The Road, Today I Started Loving You Again, Living On The Highway, I'm Falling, It's The Same Old Blues, Only Lonely, Going To Louisiana, W.S. Wallcott Medicine Show, Rip It Up.

Can The Band Have Another Tray Of Beer? Vol. Two

Key To The Highway, Willie And The Hand Jive, I Want You, Coming Into Los Angeles, Rolling On A Winter's Night, Before You Accuse Me, Going Down, Jumping Jack Flash, The Letter, Youngblood, Someday Baby, Keep On Truckin'.

Can The Band Have Another Tray Of Beer? Vol. Three

Saint George, Keep On Going, Room To Room, Hold On, Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You, Mabelline, Lady Madonna, Tonight She Belongs To Me, My Babe, Honey Don't, All Shook Up.

Metal Melton -1973-Between The Hedges

Randall had left The Laughing Disaster. Don Allgood replaced him on keyboards and vocals. Terry, along with Don, Brian, Davis, Cleon and Moi didn't go by The Laughing Disaster for this show. I think this was Davis's first show with his new echo-plex. He is wild on guitar, thus the name of this show. Harold Kelly and I did the recording. We were having trouble with the microphone during this show, but it is a great show!

Six Days On The Road, Before You Accuse Me, Mabelline, Room To Room, All Shook Up, Ride On That Mule Train, Going Down/The Letter, Jumping Jack Flash, Sail On/Long Distance Call, Going To Louisiana, Rip It Up.

Laughing Disaster At The Midnight Sun

Recorded by Dick "Bear" Cowan and Phil Sanders. Live at The Midnight Sun in Charlotte, NC in 1973. An interesting show. Terry was sick so he did not perform on this show. Brian and Randall sing many of Terry's standards. Good stuff!

Hold On, Matchbox, Going Down, Jumping Jack Flash, W.S. Wallcott Medicine Show, That'll Be The Day, Youngblood, I Want You, Keep On Going, Room To Room, Lodi, Roll Over Beethoven, Tonight She Belongs To Me, Johnny B. Goode, Danger Zone.

Mind Over Matter

Bert- Guitars, Vocals
Ron Helm- Bass
Kenny Corbett- Drums

Mind Over Matter

The Awakening, Fire The Gun, Mystery, Walk Your Talk, The Chase, Games, The Rescue.

Misery Loves Company

Terry Melton- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Don Allgood- Keyboards, Vocals
David Blackmon- Guitar
Donny McIntyre- Guitar
John Straw- Bass
Alfred Cooper- Drums

The Last Resort

Let It Roll, Going Down, Willie And The Hand Jive, Turn On Your Lovelight, Going To Louisiana, Morning Rain, All Shook Up, Key To The Highway.


Clarence Young- Organ, Vibes, Vocals
Don Allgood- Fender Rhoades, Vocals
Carl Vipperman- Guitar
Greg Veale- Bass, Vocals
Cal Hale- Drums

You Know We're Gonna Have To Get A Motel Room

Badly Bent, She Caught The Katie, It Keeps You Running, Stratus, Mary Lou>Only Lonely, Done A Lot Of Wrong Things, Living On The Highway.>Room To Room, Rib Sandwich>Shout Bama Lama, Living In The Palace Of The King, Rescue Me>Lively Up Yourself, Plain Shame>Walking Blues, Who Loves You Better, Night By Night, Southbound.

Cleon Nalley

Cleon enlisted the help of his friends David Aaron and Arch Pearson to record some of the songs on this disc, the rest were solo recordings. Tracks 12-21 were recorded in 1975 at 203 Prince Rondavel by Brad Herring.

The Solo Recordings

The Game's Not Over, Like All Those Times Before, I Ain't Got You, Boxes Of Letters, That Ain't All I Can Do, I Love You, It's All Gone, I'm Goin' Down To Florida, I Play The Fool, Forgotten Flowers, Would You Like To Know The Number You Can Call, He Don't Love You, Not Fade Away, Without You, Why You Been Gone So Long, Would You Like To Know The Number You Can Call, Forgotten Flowers, I Want You With Me, The Game's Not Over, It's All Gone, Yes I Do.

The Normaltown Flyers

Mike Chronic- Guitar, Vocals
Brian Burke- Guitar, Vocals
Greg Veale- Bass, Vocals

Speak Easy

Tryin' Like The Devil, Tell Me Baby, I Would Like To See You Again, Too Far Gone, Salty Dog Rag, Any More Than I Do, Nine Pound Hammer, All American Boy, Starting All Over Tomorrow, Whoa Mule You Ole Kickin' Mule, Don't Mind Being Free, Dancing The Night Away, Rock Salt & Nails, Hey Good Lookin'.

Arch Pearson

All songs written, played, programmed, sung & otherwise perpetrated by Arch Pearson.

Rust & Cracked Glass

No More Deals, Long Dirt Road, Handful Of Gold, Kerouac, Heart Of The Blues, Island Man, Make It Look Fake, Halfway House, This Old Soul, The Good Side, 2000 Reasons, Getaway Car.

Phil And The Blanks

Leigh Reed- Vocals
John Keane- Guitar

Live At The Chameleon

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, All In Love Is fair, Love's So Hard To Find, Traffic Jam, Let Me Be Gentle With You, If You Were Mine, Whenever I Call You Friend, Martha, Lay Down Sally, Only You Know And I Know, Sweetheart, Truckin', I Can't Hold On, C'est La Vi / Six Days On The Road.

Riverbottom Band

Brian Burke- Guitar, Vocals
Mike Chronic- Guitar, Vocals
Marion Jamaison- Pedal Steel Guitar
Boone Montgomery- Bass
Freddie Seagraves- Drums, Vocals
Davis Causey- Guitar (Tracks 1-6)

Riverbottom Band / Mason Dixon Band

Forgettin' About You, Really Had A Ball Last Night, You're My Best Friend, Downtown Birmingham, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Tell Me Baby, Forgettin' About You, Kentucky Gambler, It's Not Love But It's Not Bad, After The Fire Is Gone, After Carefully Considering, Daddy Frank, The Old Man From The Mountain.

Mason Dixon Band (featuring Marion Jamaison)

I Want You To Listen, Long Time Gone, Panama Red, Truck Drivin' Man / Alone With A Broken Heart, I Can't Dance / When I'm Alone With You, Take It Before You Go, Holiday Hotel, Red Neck Friend.
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